What some of my clients have to say

about our work in therapy together:

"Rachel has a gift that can’t be explained. She seems to truly enjoy what she does and really cares about progression and healing."
“With Rachel I feel as though I can say anything and I feel like I’m being heard. I have been through 10+ therapists and never received the amount of resourcing and suggestions I get now. Rachel listens to my concerns about treatments and we are able to figure a good path together. I feel normal again.”
"I'm so thankful that I reached out for help following my incident. I can't thank Rachel enough for all she has done for me. Rachel was always so friendly and kind. She gave so much respect for what I was going through. She is a wonderful therapist and she helped me out so much. She was with me every step of the way. I always felt better after every meeting. All of the skills she taught me helped me out massively."
"Our daughter has made significant progress in just a few sessions with Rachel. I couldn't be happier... Rachel has great interpersonal and listening skills."
"Rachel is personable, responsive and easily approachable. She adjusts very well to needs and shows tremendous aptitude."
"Rachel provided me with a safe haven where I felt I could truly release everything and provided great support and comfort. She accepted my way of recovery. She was always there for me and always provided an outlet. She found great ways to connect and understand where I was coming from. With every passing visit it always seemed to get better and better and I slowly felt myself climbing back out of my hole. Thank you for everything."
"Rachel shows genuine concern and investment in my problems and helps me to unpack a lot of what's going on in my life"
These testimonials were offered voluntarily and were not solicited. All participants provided informed consent for their comments to be included on this website. All identifying information has been removed to protect the confidentiality of the clients.
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