Child, adolescent, and adult developmental disability screens

If you are wondering if you or your child may have ADHD, issues with social skills, be on the autism spectrum, or have a language disorder, the informal screen could be the right option for you to gain valuable information about your child and determine next steps. Full evaluations for neuropsychological developmental disorders like these can be lengthy and costly process as well as a burden to children. The screen includes four to five meetings including a clinical interview, intake, standardized measures, and a written report, feedback and treatment recommendations with Dr. Hass-Cohen who is psychologist trained in neurodevelopmental approaches to evaluations and treatment.



 The screening is 4-5 sessions and includes:

 -15 minute consultation with parents 


    •    1 full meeting with parents

    •    2 meetings with child

    •    1 meeting with parents to review findings

    •    1 meeting with child and parents if indicated

    •    a written report 

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