INTegrative Behavioral couples therapy

Do you want to improve your relationship and feel more connected to your partner? Dr. Hass-Cohen uses this research proven approach to help couples recover from conflict and distress. Couples report that they feel immediate relief from these behavioral strategies and as they start to accept each other. This compassionate acceptance helps maintain positive outcomes.


Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy works well for couples who want to improve their relationship regardless of if they decide to stay together or not.


Therapy includes two stages: 1) A full evaluation of four to five meetings including  feedback a written report and treatment recommendations; 2) couples therapy according to agreed upon goals. Fees for couples work are:$250/ 45-50 min per evaluation meeting  and $250 for written report. Subsequent sessions are $250. 


The evaluation includes:

    •     1 meeting with both partners  

    •    1 meeting with one partner alone

    •    1 meeting with other partner alone

    •    1 feedback session with both partners 

    •    Written report

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