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plant medicine


Plant medicine and connection to the earth can be a powerful and supportive addition to our therapy work together. The plants can be beautiful and nurturing allies.  Most of our ancestors connected to the earth and plant medicine as part of their traditions and folk medicine practices. We have a lot to learn from indigenous people about the healing properties of plants and how to have a relationship of reciprocity with the earth.


Many plants have properties that help us reach desired states, whether that be increased focus, a calm state of mind, more resilience in the face of stress, more ease with setting boundaries, more open-heartedness, more joy, higher libido, or more groundedness. I can make herbal tea blends for you at the start of our session or can send you home with herbs to integrate into your daily life to support you. Both nature and herbs can be nurturing allies and resources on your healing journey.

Rachel offers plant medicine to her therapy clients. 

Call, text, or email to set up a brief phone consultation to see if we might be a good fit.


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