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Childhood, now more than ever, can be full of changes. Sometimes children need additional support to adjust, and a safe place to share their feelings about the changes they are experiencing. These challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth. Art therapy integrated with EMDR and Brainspotting can help children successfully move through transitions such as a new sibling, a move to a new school, divorce, new living arrangements, loss of a loved one, or challenges at school.

If your child has been through something difficult and doesn't seem quite like themselves, or has started some unwanted behaviors since the event, I can help them feel normal again. I have worked with many clients impacted by traumatic events such as the fires, car accidents, abuse, etc, and have seen them make full recoveries.  


I help children let go of acting-out behaviors they have been using unsuccessfully to try to get their needs met (tantrums, oppositional behavior, defiance) by providing opportunities for children to release and name their feelings and needs in healthy ways.


I work closely with parents providing support and resources to help you connect and grow closer to your child while helping them be their best self.

Is your child struggling with low-self esteem? I help my clients trade a negative view of themselves (“I’m stupid”, “I am unloveable”) for a more positive one (“I am smart”, “I am lovable and good enough”). I have a background working with preschool aged children, so I am comfortable working with children of all ages.

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